Spherical Improvisations


Fall Equinox  Sacred Sounds Meditation


Friday September 22, 2017, 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Marianne Green, LaConner WA

Donation Voluntary

"Sound is the simplest, most direct route I have discovered to achieve the sense of profound calm that allows us to move into that peaceful inner place, what I call our essence.   ~Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, oncologist, clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill- Cornell Medical College


"This reconnecting to the core of your being is the ultimate healing: for you - and ultimately for our world.  ~Marianne Green

Once again, I am offering group circles where we can come together to sit quietly - without talking - immersed in the beauty and power of the 'transmission' of Sacred Sounds.

Tuning into our energies, I will play for about 30 minutes  followed by 15 minutes of complete silence. 

Come quietly, leave in Peace!

Joy and Peace to you,



Please RSVP for directions and to reserve your space

email or call 206 552 6866 

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Marianne Green