Spherical Improvisations



Marianne Green, inner-peace activist, professional musician, teacher and specialist in Sound Healing, uses rich overtone instruments artistically for Healing and Transformation. Her work is that of 'At-TUNE-ment with the Creation'. It brings harmony, upliftment and deep healing of the Soul.

Beginning her classical music education in early childhood, Marianne has continued her life long study of sound and energy throughout college (BA from DePauw University) and during the 37 years she lived abroad in France and Switzerland, where she taught and practiced music.

Marianne's great love has been the cello, performing in orchestras and ensembles and later becoming a licensed teacher for the Suzuki Cello Method. In 1980 she was licensed by the Swiss Department of Education as a teacher in Creative Music, an avant-garde program based on a project-oriented holistic approach to music. This work, along with the Suzuki method,  profoundly influenced  her whole concept of music education. Marianne taught at and was the Director of the Ruettenen School of Music in Switzerland for 8 years, while continuing to teach privately in her own studio.

For the past 20 years her interest has deepened into exploring the transformational power of Sacred Sounds. She became a certified practitioner in Sound Therapy with Peter Goldman from England, and received certifications in the advanced level of Integrated Energy Therapy by Stephen Thayer and in the Cosmo Therapy with Dr. Dietrich Guembel in France, whose book "Healing through the Senses" she translated into English. The Cosmo Therapy is a holistic treatment combining Sound, Color, Gemstones and Essential Oils.

In recent years, Marianne has pioneered an innovative approach to Sound Healing that merges the science of sound frequencies with musical artistry.  Her style of playing weaves together depth, expansiveness and musical beauty in a way that opens the heart and connects us to our highest luminous self.  This creation of inner and outer Sacred Space facilitates higher consciousness and enhances the transformational possibilities of creativity, meditation, ceremony and embodied conscious movement in a sound bath of beauty.

Marianne currently offers public performances, group facilitation, recordings and personal sessions in Sacred Sounds. She especially enjoys collaborating in multi-media/artistic/spiritual projects enabling larger audiences to experience the profoundly beautiful and transformational power of Healing Sounds.  Her ability to integrate sound and word in meditations has proven to be powerful in setting sacred space for many diverse presentations and workshops.

“Throughout my life I have understood that music and sound are the medium, my unique talent, through which I can help my students and fellow humans connect to their innermost core. We are transformed when we 'remember' that we are spiritual, energetic beings.” ~Marianne, 2005

Her first CD, Soul’s Garden, was released in May 2005,  and her children's  Book and CD, Inari’s Pups and the Singing Rainbow, was published in 2010, the German Version in 2011! 

Marianne is the mother of four independent, creative and vibrant adult daughters, grandmother to nine 'wonders'. She speaks English, German, Swiss German and French fluently. She currently resides in LaConner, WA (USA) with her husband Steve and their GoldenDoodle 'Sadie'.