Spherical Improvisations


Aligning to your Luminosity

Sacred Sounds and Imagery Align You to Your Highest Luminous Self

We all know at a deep level how much music affects us. We are moved to sing, dance, laugh, cry - love. The past 15 years have seen the reemergence of a very ancient healing modality: Vibrational Healing, in particular Sound Healing. The science of music is expanding!

Quantum Physics is teaching us that everything is a complex organization of sub-atomic, pulsating vibration. Our cells and organs are amazing compositions of frequencies, overtones and resonances. We know that certain intervals have very stimulating, sedative or balancing affects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A fundamental tone is a frequency, An infinite series of higher frequencies, called overtones, is inherent in this one tone. Sounds with rich overtones (our voice, special instruments like harps, ringing bowls, tuning forks,) align our brain hemispheres, lower our brainwaves and blood pressure, harmonize our cells, strengthen our immune system and transmute our DNA. Sounds can be used as a potent form of vibrational acupuncture, dissipating energy blocks so that energy flows freely in our physical body and subtle energy fields.

It is believed that ‘Dis-Ease’ is rooted in our emotional and mental bodies. Sacred Sounds, Toning and Kirtan move us into the field of pure vibration, out of our minds and feelings. Special overtone instruments can lead us swiftly and directly into silence, where we reconnect with our Soul and with that state of pure consciousness where we are not bound by repetitive and imprinted thought. It is in connecting to this ‘I AM’ Presence that transformation, transmutation and pure creativity transpires. BLISS!

I consider myself an Artistic Sound Healer and ‘Inner-Peace’ Activist. My ‘music’ represents the beauty of the feminine in its spacious and spherical nature. Sounds are masculine, but the quality of the playing is feminine. This in itself is very harmonizing. 

My own unique gift is that I SENSE the sounds interacting with the energy fields of the person or groups that I am playing for. I HEAR which sounds to weave together and how the particular spacing of the sounds enables and supports the intention for a healing and profoundly spiritual experience.


Imagery evoked by sounds is also an integral part of my work. Symbols and visions are the language of light, messages from our soul, encoded with multi layers of information activating insights, release and transformation at a conscious and cellular level. 

I share my sacred sounds in public performances, group facilitation, recordings and personal sessions.

My passion, this beautiful work that many are now rediscovering, is that of 'At-TUNE-ment with the Creation'. It brings harmony, upliftment and deep healing of the Soul. Sacred Sounds align you to your highest luminous self. They enliven your innate knowledge that you are a co-creative being. This reconnecting to the core of your being is the ultimate healing: for you - and ultimately for our world.

  ~Marianne Green 2007