Spherical Improvisations


 Sacred Sounds Meditations

Hopefully to be offered in the near future again!

I would love to celebrate with you,
in love and light,
this ominous energetic marker,
as we reach deep and high into our hearts, 
as we receive the light 
which is so powerful at this time.

"Sound is the simplest, most direct route I have discovered to achieve the sense of profound calm 

that allows us to move into that peaceful inner place, what I call our essence.  

 ~Dr. Mitchell Gaynor , oncologist, clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill- Cornell Medical College


"This reconnecting to the core of your being is the ultimate healing: for you - and ultimately for our world.  

~Marianne Green

We meet in group circles where we can come together to sit quietly - without talking - immersed in the beauty and power of the 'transmission' of Sacred Sounds.

Tuning into our energies, I play for about 30 minutes  followed by 15 minutes of complete silence. 

Come quietly, leave in Peace!

Joy and Peace to you,


Past information about this special gathering


Please RSVP for directions and to reserve your space

email or call 206 552 6866 

Sound Meditations


any deep vibrational

alignment we 

experience ourselves

serves all of humanity!

Anytime we connect our hearts together with an elevated intention and emotion, we are joined and supported exponentially by all begins of Christ Consciousness and higher. Magic happens not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but for all beings far and wide. David Hawkins, in his epic book ‘Power vs Force’, describes this field as an ‘attractor energy pattern’, with its own inherent harmonics.

Although we seem to be quiet in our own mediative space, our subtle energy fields are dancing together with the waves of the inspired sacred sounds. IMAGINE the excitement of our group, joining our hearts together, our own harmonic being expanding as we ride the waves of the harmonics of the sacred sounds, which are thus radiating out into ‘the field infinite of possibilities’.

My own process in this co-creation—this ‘dance’—is that I, on one level, bring into the sound meditation my sensitive hearing and unique musical ’talent’. On another level, I am opening myself to receiving the guidance through listening internally to the play between the sounds which I actualize with my precious sacred instruments. I feel that my sacred sound guides, beings, are playing me! Or—they play through me. Or—they play with me. It is so instantaneous! I allow and receive their joyful guidance, joyful, as they are have a ‘ball’ and I AM, too. This miraculous ‘music’ of the highest harmonics interacts with the vibrations of each of the higher humans in the room—and creates and creates and creates: nano seconds of harmonics building playing within our own subtle energy fields, creating new fields, playing in these new fields, continually forming new harmonics which spin and move outwards, also in nano seconds. We are talking about quantum mechanics, not heavy stuff, just come feel your way into it.

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Marianne Green