Spherical Improvisations


Envisioning vibrant health for our bodies and our home. 

Allowing Source to manifest this for us! 

I am holding this inspired image as an energetic signature: my vision of our home and bodies vibrantly healthily.

Slowly and deeply, to the count of 3, I breathe in Source Energy

Slowly and deeply, to the count of 5, I breath out resistance, allowing the vibration of this image to pervade my energy field and the energy field of the home and garden. 


Because I am a Sufi at heart, and I love to whirl. This music works for me as I am meditating for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Choosing sounds or songs that deeply resonate are part of the power!

I am sharing this practice with you, perhaps you also might have fun co-creating with Source on your priorities for the Law of Attraction!