Spherical Improvisations


                             Soul's Garden

Compositions of Sacred Sounds by Marianne Green

Unlocking the Gates to Your Inner Temple

                    HARMONY     BEAUTY   DEEP INNER PEACE

              Connecting to our Innermost Essence

         A Journey into Inner Space


This CD begins with large Crystal Bowls playing the tones C# and G#, the interval of the perfect 5th: Universal Harmony. This interval balances our brain hemispheres and cells. The ensuing interplay of sounds and overtones, and the soft tranquil melodies of the Koto, lead us into a deep journey through our own Soul's Garden. Each listening experience brings us to new initiations and transformations.

The tone B, at this moment in my own intuitive experience, is the key to my heart, the key to my soul, which is why I have tuned the Monochord and Koto to resonate in harmony with the B crystal bowl.

Possible Uses for this CD: Meditation and Transformation, Relaxation, BodyWork, Ceremonies, Setting Sacred Space, Slow Movement and Artistic-Creative Processes, Grief, Insomnia

Instruments: Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Monochord, Koto, Chimes. Gong, Xylophone