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I mentioned to a friend who has difficulty sleeping that when I wake up in the middle of the night I pray! aAnd when I don’t get back to sleep, then I put on my CD and pray more! This works 98% of the time.

One week later, I read in Nancy Van Domelen’s newest book, The Higher Dimensions  - Our Next Home, how there is a spiritual significance to insomnia. This is a channeled book from a group called the Lightbringers. If you are interested, read below what they have to say about insomnia.

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“Another way to restore planetary balance can be found in an area seldom considered by those living on the Earth plane. It consists of communing with spirit in the hours just before dawn. At the end of the day, the spiritual energies start to accumulate and increase throughout the dark of the night. Because of this phenomenon, it has always been recognized as auspicious to set aside a time within this period to open up to the realm of spirit. Monks, nuns and others who have taken vows within a religious order commonly pray and meditate in the middle of the night. They have known that the spiritual energies are the most powerful during these hours.

Why is this so? The answer is very simple. The Earth exists on a plane of duality or opposites. Whenever the forces of light are the most prominent, there is an attraction for the forces of darkness. Correspondingly, when darkness is predominant, the vibratory powers of light are activated to establish balance. You ask then why does is not become light during the nighttime hours? It is because the law of duality keeps the light forces in check so as to honor the natural laws of this realm.

What is important to remember here is that the vibratory energies of light are very close during the dark of the night. In these hours, major connections can be made to the realm of spirit if one is awake, quiets the mind and enters into a receptive state. At the present time, the frantic pace of life and barrage from the energies of modern technology cause many individual to have problems sleeping. All kinds of medications have come into existence to assist one in getting to sleep.

The irony in this situation is that what the individual really needs is to be awake and attentive to the realm of spirit, which is close and available. Sleep is not what the person requires. Since the western world has moved so deeply into materialist ways, there is no period set-aside during the day to stop and prayerfully honor the Divine Creator. Because this act is a basic human need, the spirit within interrupts nighttime sleep so that the person can attune to the higher realms during the peace and quiet of these hours.

Therefore, we ask those of you who awaken in the night or cannot sleep to look at what is happening with a very different view. Recognize your human need for connection to the creative forces of the universe. Quiet yourselves and sink into deep communion with the Divine Creator in whatever manner is appropriate to your belief system. Use slow, rhythmic breathing as your method of entering a prayerful state. Then just be, floating in the arms of Universal Love.

The amount of sleep that you miss will be offset by the higher vibratory energies entering and radiating throughout your body. You will awaken in the morning refreshed and energized – ready for the day in a far better fashion than if you took a sleeping pill. Sleeplessness is a modern problem of astounding proportions. It is no more than a reflection of the lack of meaningful time during the day to perform a basic human act – that of attuning to and honoring the source of our existence.

So. We ask that you attend to our words and trust the import of what we say. Try our suggestion. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What a different place the earth would be if everyone worldwide would set aside time in a twenty-four hour period to connect with the realm of spirit, directly and with intent. Visualize the energy of vibratory light that would encircle the planet, healing and uplifting all those who live on this plane! We would have a new Heaven and a new Earth, would we not? And, secondarily, we would solve our sleeping problems within the wind of an eye.

The Higher Dimensions – Our Next Home, Pages 18 - 20

Nancy Van Domelen  Copyright 2005