Spherical Improvisations


Others projects  which are very close to my heart

and to which I have contributed 

It was my honor to assist in the editing 

and formatting of this incredible book

I developed the website for David Blum

also such honor!

Included in this book is my article 'Sacred Sounds,

'Energetic Tools for Families and Caregivers'

This book will give you a practical approach self-healing and empowerment using your body as a tool to release anger, illness, suppression, and emotion. Every time we get angry about something, there is a truth waiting to be claimed. If you have ever had feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling not worthy, or the lack of peace within, then this book is for you. The book is filled with practices and tools to release emotions, partnered with. Anger Management 101, for everyone to experience freedom and liberation in your body now. 

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It will show you that there is nothing wrong with you, and that you have all you need inside to create and live the life of your dreams. The author engages you into a 21-day peace practice, so you too can experience peace and wellbeing from within.

David Blum, the internationally respected musician and writer, produced this film as he neared death from cancer. Blum believed that his inner discoveries and experience could help others realize their own spiritual strengths in a time of crisis. The film, based upon decades of his dream journals and paintings, depicts a lifetime's inner journey. 

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This moving and multi-dimensional documentary, which has reached an astounding cross-section of society by way of an amazing grass-roots movement, defies categorization. It has helped thousands of cancer patients; art therapists throughout the country have integrated the dream paintings in their practice; a community of diverse religions find in it a common language, and it is a supportive companion to those at life's end. The 29 1/2 minute DVD is introduced by the renown cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, a close friend and colleague.

After spending a decade caring for her husband who died from younger-onset Alzheimer s disease, Barbra Cohn offers a spiritual and holistic guide to help caregivers feel happier and healthier, have more energy and time for themselves, sleep better, feel more relaxed and confident, and experience inner peace, despite the obstacles they face.

With pathos, humor and compassion, Calmer Waters includes the author s compelling life story, inspirational essays and rituals from spiritual leaders, stories from family caregivers and twenty healing modalities from renowned experts that can be practically incorporated into a daily regimen. An added bonus is that both care partners - the caregiver and memory-impaired individual - can use most of the healing modalities, allowing for a stronger connection between the two.

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A rare blend of storytelling and practical with spiritual advice, this book offers an uplifting account of the strength of the human spirit, and a testament to the love and dedication of the 15 million Americans caring for a memory-impaired relative or friend.