Spherical Improvisations


Healing Sounds help Edit Emotional and Mental ‘Files’

We, as vibrational beings, have a dense physical energy body, expanding into subtle fields: the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies 

Think of these bodies as shared digital computer files in our sub-conscious realm, which can be opened and closed - and even deleted. 

I like to describe our emotional body as that part of us that energetically ‘remembers’ all the feelings we have ever experienced. It is like one giant computer folder, with files dating back much longer than we can remember. Some of these ‘files’ have been edited and reedited by inner work and by energy work. Depending on the extensiveness of our conscious inner explorations, many ‘files’ have also been deleted.

For instance, there might be a ‘file’ called ‘pain when I think of my mother who, because of Alzheimers, doesn’t know me any more’. A thought or feeling that my mother doesn’t know me anymore can open this file. So we have a thought, and a connected emotion, and the release of stress hormones. Pain. A vibration. Our field is now aligned to pain. We could perhaps take a pill that would temporarily close the files that have been opened. However, they are still there. We could also choose other routes: witness our pain, share this openly with a loving companion, go for a walk in nature (and be supported by the amazing healing powers from Mother Earth, Gaia), play some soothing music, breathe slowly,  and every so often seek out a therapist.

A sound therapist would play the sounds for you that will not close the ‘files’, but will help edit them, and perhaps, when you are ready, will even delete them. The vibration of the healing sounds is a tool to energetic release and higher consciousness. For instance, the file “my mother doesn’t recognize me anymore”, opened and ready for the first edit, might go something like this: “my mother doesn’t recognize me anymore and this is so painful for me. I allow myself to feel pain. I am so sad. I observe the pain”.

Who is observing the pain?

Healing sounds can assist one from moving from the space of being controlled by the pain, to the space of becoming the conscious observer of the pain. Energetically something else happens: the healing sounds realign the field (body, emotions, mind, and soul) that has been in deep distress. Slowly a sense of coherence is achieved, calm, peace. Energetically there is a new holographic alignment, because that ‘file’ has now been edited and saved as: “I, now realigned with my Higher Self, observe my pain when my mother doesn’t recognize me”. The body energetically remembers this new alignment. The next time this file is opened, there is a new neural pathway forming in the brain, a little different set of hormones being released. A new opportunity to further edit the file?

You are on the healing path to wholeness.

~Marianne Green