Spherical Improvisations


Past Events and Collaborations

Sacred Pulse Music Festival
Kripalu Center, MA
July 9, 2006

Performing Arts

"Tonal Transformation"
The StarHouse, Boulder CO

"Emergence" The Shamanic Theater Project
 Original Musical Improvisation
 Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, CO

Dance Performance
 Musical Accompaniment
 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

"Rumi and Sound"

 Spiritual Arts Expo,
Boulder, CO

"Hooper Homestead"
 Central City, CO

"The Godmother Tree in Soul's Garden"
 The StarHouse, Boulder, CO

Public Events and Conferences

"An Evening with James Von Praagh"
Sacred Sound Invocation
Lincoln Center
Ft. Collins, CO

"Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls
Labyrinth Walking Experience"
First United Methodist Church
Boulder, CO

"World Wellness Weekend"
Sacred Sound Invocation for Jean Houston
Denver, CO

"Sacred Pulse Music Festival"
Kripalu Center, MA

"Star Wisdom Conference"
 Boulder, CO

"Ball Aerospace"
 Boulder, CO

"Aspen Symposium for Integrative Medicine"
 Aspen, CO

"Memorial Day Opening of Peace Garden"
 Guided Sound Meditation
 Boulder, CO

"Public Peace Vigil"
 Guided Sound Peace Meditations
 Longmont, CO

"Boulder-Kenya Peacemaking"
 Guided Sound Meditation
 Boulder, CO

Meditations and Retreats

"Solstice and Equinox Meditations"
LaConner, WA 

"Creative Heart Retreats"
LaConner, WA 

"Dreamwork Retreats"
 Sacred Sound Alignments
 Sunrise Ranch,
 Loveland, CO

"Aspen Grove Project" Meditation Retreats
 Sound Meditations
 Aspen, CO


Multi-Artistic Collaborative Projects and Presentations
for   Spiritkeepers Innerfaith Fellowship



SpiritKids Playing "Inari's Pups and the Singing Rainbow"

        My Presentations                                    

*A Treasure Hunt with the SpiritKids
*Inari Pups and the Singing Rainbow?
*Eckhardt Tolle: 'Presence' and 'A New Earth'  
*Sacred Sounds Align You to Your Highest Luminous Self
*Women?s Peace Circles and Men?s Peace Circles:
   How Are They Different?
*Collaboration between Circles of Ten Peace Process
  and  Dances of Universal Peace
*Hildegard von Bingen
*Mystical Activism
*Summer Solstice
*Brigid's Day
*The Parable of the Naked Lady
*Lifting of the Veil
*The Great Puzzle"


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