Spherical Improvisations


Pythagoras thought that sound connected the Gods and Man.

"Sound is the simplest, most direct route I have discovered to achieve the sense of profound calm that allows us to move into that peaceful inner place, what I call our essence"          Dr. Mitchell Gaynor 

"The Music of the Spheres, referred to since ancient times, is the energy frequencies emitted by planets as they orbit. When one expands the definition of ?human? to include dynamic energy, it connects us humans to the energy underlying all of creation."  Jule Klotter

"The New Millennium is a time when there is a deepening in appreciation of the wisdom levels of inner guidance. This is the natural integrating movement toward higher levels of culture and health."   Peter Goldman

Images and Sounds are Vibrations 


Images and Sounds are vibrations - multi-dimensional messages - the language of light. They are gifts from the Creator, communicating with our whole physical and subtle fields.

Sacred Sounds, including Toning, Chanting and Kirtan, move us into the field of pure vibration, beyond the mind's chatter and emotional patterns of reactions. Special overtone instruments can lead us swiftly and directly into silence, where we reconnect without Soul and with that state of being where we are not bound by automatic, repetitive and imprinted behavior patterns. Our Higher Self, the core of our Being, communicates with us in the form of vibrational messages. 

Sounds, symbols, and visions are encoded vibrational patterns with multi-layers of information, activating insights, releasing and transforming at a conscious and cellular level. 

Our brains do not know the difference between an image and reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza does amazing work in this area, based on the Hebbian Law: Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. Nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together. (I would say that the ‘files’ are eliminated).