Spherical Improvisations





I have been using Marianne's CD Soul's Garden in my writing process. I find its energy to be very conducive to entering into an intuitive, creative state.  

 ~Jeremy Taylor, UCC Minister, Author, Dreamworker

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Marianne Green's music and sounds from her bowls.  Marianne Green's music shifted energies from the highly energetic pace of T. Harv Eker to the more subtle experience of Jean Houston seemlessly.  This was done without any words, just the beautiful sound she creates with her bowls.  She set a mood and tempo for the highlight of the evening and it couldn't have been done any better.  Thank you Marianne!

~Jud Schwartz, Producer, World Wellness Weekend

Marianne is a fabulous sound healer! With her musical background and extraordinary collection of bowls and other sound healing tools, Marianne provides private sessions to balance, regenerate, and uplift body, mind, emotions, and spirit. She knows how to give you exactly what you need at that time as she is a very clear channel for divine frequencies of light. I highly recommend her sessions! Treat yourself to a "bath of sound and light"!

   ~J.B. Sound Healer, Life Coach


Thank you for the deeply healing and profoundly glorious sound healing gift yesterday. I feel renewed, refreshed, cleared and bathed in new energy. My heart dances today!  

~L.T. Boulder, Massage Therapist