Spherical Improvisations


Tuning Forks Workshop


For those interested in SOUND THERAPY
this is a the perfect introductory course!
 call Marianne at 206-552-6866 for more information!

* Synchronize right and left-brain hemispheres in one minute! 
   Sense immediate calm and balance of the physical body.
* Learn to locate "stuck" energy in the subtle field.

* Clear static in the aura (the electromagnetic field) of the subtle bodies.

* Hear of the amazement of Marianne's students (and their parents)
  due to improved concentration.

* Feel energy flow freely for a heightened sense of well being

* Discuss: Frequency + Intention = Healing
This is an experiential, hands on workshop to provide healers, parents, teachers and caregivers with a quick, safe manner to help center, ground and balance their clients, students and members of their families.

Using special Pythagorean tuning forks, you will learn to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain in only one minute! This produces an immediate sense of calm and balance in the physical body. Furthermore, you will learn to hear where energy is ?stuck? in the subtle energy field. The tuning forks are extremely effective in clearing the static energy in the electromagnetic field (aura) of the subtle bodies and helping this energy to flow freely again. We will practice restoring a balanced an clear state of flow for the hightened well being.

We will experiment with the principals of resonance and entrainment, and discuss situations where this method has been highly successful. We will also practice on each other, learning both a shorter and longer version, so that after this 3 hour time together, you will feel confident about using the forks on your clients, family and students.

We will also reflect on the formula:  Frequency + Intention = Healing, which has been given to us be the renowned Sound Healers Andi and Jonathan Goldman.

I have been using the tuning forks for over 10 years in many different situations.
For example, all my piano and cello students (40 a week!) received a 2-minute tuning fork treatment at the beginning of the lessons. The parents were so amazed by the joy the students felt from the sound and feeling of the forks ? and even more, were astounded by the level of concentration that resulted. It was these parents who first asked me to conduct workshops to teach them how to use the forks!

The Body Tuners C+G can be ordered additionally for $56.- from Marianne,
or at www.BioSonics.com, where you can also download a free Beginners Guide