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Video Vision Boards

Manifesting Your Joyful Life

It would be my great joy to support your own soulful intentional process!!!!!

My approaching 70th birthday had me 'almost' depressed.  I knew I had to immediately take some action to transform the unease into 'excited anticipation'.

“Your work is to choose from among all of that which feels best to you,

and fixate on it as long as it gives you pleasure and joy.

In doing so, you will align with the Energy of your Source,

and you will live a magnificent experience”.   ~Abraham

You probably have heard about, or even constructed, VISION BOARDS.

Personally, for many years I have had great success  accessing inner visions, or finding pictures of things exemplifying what I would love to manifest in my life.... writing intentions around an energetic state, and accessing the feeling of already living in the elevated  emotions of joy, gratitude, love ......in the NOW.

Almost 4 decades of 'inner work'  have honed my process of using images to illuminate my desires. With my background in music, the spirit of a song, or sounds, has added an even more potent vibrational support and is a fun dimension in the process of envisioning.

Music talks to your limbic brain

Our brains connect the music with the elevated emotion

Elevated emotions (joy, love, gratitude) attract the vibration of our intentions to us 


Do you feel inspired to make your own Video Vision Board?

Here is great website where you construct video vision boards all yourself: mind movies.com

However, it is also possible to do this on your own computer - through iphoto, or folders on your PC. 

The first step is to meditate: “what does my heart desire?.” 

What visions arise?

Gather pictures, symbols, phrases, and listen inside yourself for the music that wants to be the vibrational support. 

Arrange the images intuitively, then add music.

Save in the form of a slideshow and export to Youtube.

My experience thus far is that I will continually add / rearrange / delete some images. This creative work in progress assists me in becoming clearer and clearer about my real soul intentions.

This process is playful, joyful, moving……and….exciting to observing and experiencing how things magically become part of your new world.

The key is to become clear - and then release the intention to a higher mind, into the quantum field.

Watch my 'Vibrant Elderhood' Video Vision Board

Through meditation and sacred sounds, it would be my great joy to help you

become clearer about  your own soulful intentions.


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cost: 2 one-hour sessions: $90.- 

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